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≪ Model-Free Zirconia ≫

Full Contour Zirconia from IOS


“ Save on Lab cost & days ”

If you use an impression scanner in your office, we have good news for you!  ARTIDENTAL provides a Model-Free Zirconia Crowns that rivals any modeled restoration. This approach reduces cost and has a faster turnaround time.
A zirconia crown is manufactured using precise digital scan data. Since there are no heavy models or accessories, we can save production time and cost.

≪ Full Contour Zirconia ≫

with 3D Printing Model


”Reduced Turnaround Time"

Using the data sent from IOS, we will produce a zirconia crown and a 3D Printer Model. In that case, it can be produced shorter than the normal delivery time.  
If you are looking for an even faster Express, please feel free to contact us! We are always ready to meet your request!

≪ ARTIDENTAL Clear Aligners ≫

Perfect for Esthetic Cases.


'' WHY Clear Aligners? ''

Made from a premium thermoformed plastic material that is engineered for precision fit, ongoing force retention, and exceptional durability. Tear and stain resistant. Manufactured in the USA using FDA 510(k) cleared, MDSAP certified processes. Each clear aligner is marked with a unique identifier code for the case and the stage.

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