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Model-Free Zirconia

'' 3 Working Days ''

'' Perfect Fit ''

'' Cost Effective ''


WHAT is “ Model-Free Zirconia ”?

Model-Free is a full contour monolithic zirconia crown offered by our laboratory for fast growing digital dentistry. This technology uses STL files directly to design the crown without any physical model.

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3 days turnaround time

Working days in our lab are 3 days.
Express delivery will help you to deliver cases faster to promote your business growth.

Perfect fit, Distortion free

Perfect fit, Distortion free Intraoral data scanned with an oral scanner is more reliable than anything else. A crown manufactured based on intraoral data provides a more precise fit. A skilled dental technician makes fine adjustments to design a crown that fits the patient's mouth, thereby minimizing your chair side time.

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MODEL-FREE: Research
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Limited time offer !!

Hurry and call us for more details.

Phone: 1(833)752-8100


Top Quality Zirconia.

Not all zirconia discs are created equally. We only use the highest quality branded zirconia discs.

You can choose from following:

High Strength Zirconia (HS)

We use Noritake KATANA Multi Layered Zirconia Disc.

Flexural strength 1150 MPa

KATANA™ Zirconia HTML PLUS is characterized by the use of unique raw materials that correspond to highspeed sintering, improved translucency and that without compromising strength. The result is a reliable zirconia crown with a beautiful shape and color fitting the patient’s natural dentition.


Extra Translucency (XT)

We use Dentsply Cercon XT Zirconia Disc.

Flexural strength 750 MPa

Cercon XT demonstrates extra high translucency in all 16 VITA shades with True Color Technology.

Extra high translucency and unparalleled shade accuracy allows life-like esthetics especially for the anterior region.

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MODEL-FREE: Research

Cost effective

Our Model-Free system does not require a working model such as plaster. Use the Individual die printed by 3D Printing to check the margin fitting. Therefore, we have made Cost Effective possible.


Proudly Made in USA

An unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products is one vital aspect of selecting a dental lab. We are particular and proud of Made in USA. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated and consistent in their work at all times and they go above and beyond to meet our doctor’s standards.

MODEL-FREE: Research
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Limited time offer !!

Hurry and call us for more details.

Phone: 1(833)752-8100


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