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Send Us Your Digital Scans

ARTIDENTAL LAB INC. accepts all files from any open system IOS scanner. (STL Export)

If you have a scanner, we support it! We make it easy for you to send your digital files. 

Send to Email:


We offer customized Solid Zirconia Crown, Layered Zirconia Crown,

PFM, Full Cast Crown, emax Press and Implant Restorations

with 3D Printing Digital Model.

​​First case discount! Please call : 1(833)752-8100


3D Printer


Model-Free Zirconia


Crown Bridge with 3D Printer Model


Implant restorations with 3D Printer Model

DIGITAL: Research

How to Send a Digital Scan Data

We welcome files form any open system (.STL export) and all of the following:


1. Complete the intraoral scan.
2. Complete the TRIOS Rx. Use the free form notes section to provide additional details.
3. Select ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ from the Lab menu and SEND.
**‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ is already pre-installed on the list of available labs, if not send a ‘Connection Request’ from the ‘Communicate’ account to ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC or Dentists can register themselves at:


1. Sign into your Cadent iTero online account.
2. You add ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ to your menu by contacting Cadent/iTero™ technical support at 800-577-8767.
3. Complete the intraoral scan.
4. Complete the iTero™ online Rx.
5. Select ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ to receive the case and send the file.


1. Verify that ARTIDENTAL LAB INC is available under the Scanner Laboratory menu. If not, contact the 3M Digital Impression Customer Service (877-722-6528) and request adding the profiles to the scanner menu.
2. Select the ARTIDENTAL LAB INC profile from the drop-down menu that matches your case preference: ARTIDENTAL LAB INC
3. Complete the intraoral scan and select the ARTIDENTAL LAB INC profile that meets your model preference.
4. Complete the 3M True Definition online Rx.
5. Upload the scan data to the 3M Communication Center.


1. When logged into your account add ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ to the folder labeled as “My Favorite Laboratories”
2. Log into your Cerec software and complete the digital scan.
3. Complete the Cerec online Rx.
4. Select ‘ARTIDENTAL LAB INC’ to be the STL file recipient and send the file.

STL file

Please send us your STL digital file to

DIGITAL: クライアント
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