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Phone: 1(833)752-8100

How do I get started with ARTIDENTAL?

Just email us via or fill out the contact us form and we’ll send you a starter kit that includes everything you will need to send us your cases.

You can download printable versions of our RX form. Simply fill out your RX form, keep a copy for your records and include a copy with your case and ship to ARTIDENTAL.

How can I order Shipping supplies?

ARTIDENTAL provides you with pre-printed shipping labels to make it easy for you to ship your cases. To order shipping supplies, email us. or Please contact us at any time.

How do I schedule a pickup?

For standard shipments, please email us via
to schedule a pickup. or Please contact us at any time.

When will I receive my case?

At ARTIDENTAL, we understand that case turnaround time drives patient scheduling in your practice. We schedule turnaround times 7 - 9 days (Days In-lab), but if we can deliver it earlier, we will contact you promptly. Weekends & holidays excluded.
If you have a big case or rush case, please contact us.
Additional time may be required to order implant parts, and if lab instructions are incomplete.

Click below to download the RX Form and Contact US.

FAQ: Open Positions

What is your remake policy?

ARTIDENTAL guarantees workmanship on all restorations in that the restoration will fit the master die. (provided adequate reduction of the prepared tooth has been accomplished according to the manufacture’s recommendations.) Failure due to re-bonding, poor occlusion, accident, neglect, abuse, are not considered to be the result of interior workmanship.

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